When should you switch to a Hosted PBX VOIP Business Phone System?

Hosted PPBX VOIP Systems are transforming the communication landscape for the tiny and budding business organizations. With the constant innovations and developments in the telecommunication world, business enterprises are constantly searching for substitutes to the expensive premise based PSTN networks. The Hosted PBX Systems offer remarkable cost savings to cut cost and expenses involved in business communication by utilizing VOIP technology to deliver the best quality and services.

The searches have shown that the Hosted PBX VOIP Systems are being rapidly embraced by the small and growing business organizations especially in the US and greater parts of Europe. With more and more business enterprises gradually turning to Hosted PBX as the affordable business phone systems, the question that arises is when should you switch to a PBX VOIP solution for your business communication?

What is Hosted PBX VOIP?

The Hosted PBX VOIP Systems are cost effective, feature rich business phone systems that transmit voice and data over the web. The Hosted PBX technology integrates analog and digital communication as digital data packets which are compressed and encrypted prior to transmission over the internet. Utilization of internet to transmit analog voice makes the system highly cost effective by eliminating the increasing cost of calling for long distances.

The Hosted PBX Systems do not require the need to buy additional hardware or PBX equipment to carry out business communication smoothly. The Hosted PBX Service Provider owns the necessary hardware and software needed to deliver the service and functionalities. The user only needs a device to access the system and a reliable internet connection.

Features of Hosted PBX Business Phone Systems

The PBX Business Phone Systems have an upper hand over the traditional PSTN telephony systems in terms of advanced digital calling features. The two offerings include standard and additional features. The standard features are usually available in any plan you choose while for the additional features you need to pay a little extra fee.

Some of the exceptional Hosted PBX VOIP features include:

Email Encryption- Email encryption safeguards customer data from thefts and hacking while it is being transferred online. Important business transactions are carried out through emails. It is absolutely necessary to safeguard that vital information from prying eyes.
Click to Call- Click to Call button connects a visitor on your site directly to the support or sales department for any query or request. It increases the customer interaction and makes the customer support sound pro-active.

Visual Call Reports- Visual Call Reports are a great way to analyze the behavior of the caller traffic for your business and how to improve your business communication. The reports can be generated in real time on the basis of the day, time of the day or numbers that are dialed.
In addition to these sophisticated calling features the standard calling features include Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Call Hold, Call Forwarding, Conference Calling, 3 Way Calling, Virtual Extensions, Caller ID, Voicemail and Music on Hold.

Why go for Hosted PBX?

First impression is the last impression. Many of the potential customers reach your organization through a phone call. It is either you grab that opportunity or loose it. A professionally sounding business phone system can making a lasting impression on your clients and project you as a large corporate to build trust among your callers and you.

The PBX VOIP Systems are professional business phone systems that have features like Auto Attendant, enhanced ACD and IVR which segregate the calls and prioritize them to minimize the hold time for a caller and always direct calls to the appropriate extensions.

The system is accessible 24X7 which makes it possible for entrepreneurs and remote users to stay connected with other employees and clients regardless of their physical location. The Hosted PBX is a wonderful way to connect dispersed workforce as a unified unit operating under one roof. Important data like documents, faxes, emails and messages can be shared among remote users in real time which keeps the employers and employees on the same page with minimum efforts.

Superb voice quality is the icing on the cake for the Hosted PBX Systems. The tons of added features and complete technical support simplify business communication greatly. Unified Communication integrates voice, text, images and data in a single unified platform that can be accessed by any device. If you are looking for quality of service, reliability, support and latest features at affordable prices then the PBX VOIP Systems should be your ideal choice for a business phone system.

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