VoIP – Packet Switching and Circuit Switching

There’s a difference between Packet Switching and Circuit Switching, and that’s the fact that Packet Switching makes use of data or Packets and sends them over the Internet, whereas Circuit Switching does its work through using electrical circuits in order to make a telephone connection. Circuit Switching is similar to the old switchboard operators, attempting to connect the caller with the recipient. Packet Switching is utilized to transfer data across the web, which includes e-mail. Packet Switching converts audio formats into data packets and sneds them over the Internet, then it reassembles them on phone or computer of the person on the other end in real time.

Instant messaging programs that are all the rage these days have been using VoIP technology for years. Today, majority of these messaging programs have voice enabled features that let customers call a member of their buddy list. You just need to have a microphone and speakers, and you can then communicate with anyone anywhere in the world, through VoIP and your Instant Messaging program.

Instant messaging VoIP incorporates varied areas into one program. Using your voice enabled programs, you can now hook up a digital camera, web cam and take advantage of the video, as you speak on your microphone and listen to your speakers, and you can type back and forth on your chat program. You may even write an email while at it. The potential for VoIP phones use is relentless

You got it right! VoIP phone service is a superstar in the telecommunication world of today. It is a solid technology. You can integrate it into many existing applications, and you won’t need special equipment for it. You only need a PC with a microphone and speakers can use the service and it is extremely cost-efficient. Talk will be cheap!


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