VoIP and Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is creating a major buzz in the recent years. It’s particularly helpful for people who are ‘geographically challenged’, and even more so with business-inclined people that have clients that are miles away. Web conferencing meetings, presentations, orientation, and the like just sound so functional.

Web conferencing offers an array of features that make all of these even possible. Document and file sharing, instant messaging, and playback of recorded meetings can be done which can play a major part in helping businesspeople. VoIP is another stunning feature that is related to web conference programs..

Imagine fusing data and audio in a more expedient and handier system. That’s practically what you get when you combine VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol with web conferencing. Just like anything else, VoIP has its pros and cons.

With the use of VoIP, you get to cut back on spending for voice minute charges. Putting audio and voice in web conferences improves the outcome of meetings. The equipments required to avail of it are just your personal computer, broadband connection, and headset or the mic and speakers.

Before VoIP web conferencing came into picture, businesses and companies used to pay a fortune for international calls done with the use of conventional landlines. With the help of a phone adapter, the VoIP technology can practically reach any place. You simply connect the phone adapter to your broadband connection and you’re good to go. And as opposed to the traditional phone service, a bulk of people can communicate with each other at the same time with the use of VoIP.

However, there are still those that doubt the benefits of VoIP used in web conferences. They claim that the quality of calls is one of the main disadvantages in using VoIP. Another bothering issue is echo, specifically when those involved in the conference are using speakers and mic instead of the recommended headsets.

Additionally, VoIP hugely depend on electricity, unlike the conventional phones that still work albeit without electrical energy. If the power goes out, then you can no longer use the phone. Also, since VoIP makes use of the computer and the Internet, it is vulnerable to viruses and, worse, hacking. And when your computer crashes in the middle of an important call, well, just your luck.

VoIP and web conferencing are still on the rise. There is still room for major enhancements. And just like any other budding technology, VoIP is still facing a lot of challenges. Despite all of it, you know it delivers very well.

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