Voice over IP questions

Question by Sidebite: Voice over IP questions
What are some concerns with the implementation of a VoIP network?

What are the pros and cons of implementing a VoIP network?

In details, if you don’t mind.

Thank you

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Answer by eparico
Where I work, we have been using VoIP for the last few years. The pros:
1. Works good when working properly
2. Lower cost than some of your analog phone providers

1. Server problems…if your ISP is having troubles with their servers, it will effect your IP phone
2. Phone goes out when the power goes out.
3. Some cell phones can interfere with your IP phone and computer speakers causing a buzzing noise. AT&T cell phones cause havoc on our IP phone systems.
4. Sound quality can be bad, you can sometimes hear your voice echoing.

This is all I can think of right now. Hope this helps!

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