Transform your Business Communication with Hosted PBX VOIP

In the major part of world, the traditional premise based PSTN systems are being rapidly replaced by the Hosted PBX Systems as faster and more efficient means of telecommunication. There is no doubt that the Hosted PBX VOIP Systems are actually better business phone systems that are cost effective and reliable while keeping the promise of delivering enterprise class features and Quality of Service (QoS).The Hosted PBX VOIP Systems are easy to maintain and are highly economical without putting too much strain on your pocket. The traditional PBX systems are becoming obsolete as it is becoming increasingly difficult and costly to own and maintain. It takes a lot of time to repair the complex PBX wiring and the technician charges a hefty fee for troubleshooting even a minor problem. On the other hand, the Hosted PBX Systems do not require troubleshooting and maintenance expenses as the system is hosted over the internet and the service is accessed online. The hardware and system is owned and maintained by the Hosted PBX Service Provider which exempts the user from spending thousands of dollars on maintaining and upgrading a monstrous PBX system.

Hosted PBX VOIP is the ideal business phone system for the small and growing business enterprises as being user friendly. A key feature of the Small Business PBX Systems is that they can be easily configured to expand its functionalities. The Hosted PBX is an internet based technology that can be programmed to route calls to multiple extensions and calls between extensions are usually free. The long distance and international calling is very cheap. This is a great benefit for business enterprises that have multiple office branches in different locations.

The ability to port numbers is another feather in Hosted PBXs cap. For a small business organization it is viable to shift to a bigger office in a new location as the business expands. But it is not feasible to move an entire bulky PBX system to the new location. With the Hosted PBX Systems, moving to a new location is simplified as you only need to carry your IP phones with you. You can plug your phones to the new office and you are ready to work.

Configuring a Hosted PBX VOIP System is a piece of cake. The online control panel makes it possible to enable users to log into the PBX system anytime and configure the settings as per their business requirements. For instance, if you want to play a new professional greeting to your callers you can just log in and upload that new greeting whenever you want in just a matter of seconds. Or else, in case you are going out of town for an important meeting you can modify the call forwarding settings to direct all calls coming to your office number to be forwarded to your cell phone so that you dont miss a single important call.

The Hosted PBX VOIP Systems also provide better connectivity between you, your employees and clients with a whole bunch of attractive business class features. The clients can contact the business people instantly and also access online support in real time to get their IT issues resolved in minimum time. The centralized nature of communication due to 24X7 online accessibility and collaboration among remote users optimized business productivity manifolds.

Features like voicemail transcription, fax mail, conference calling, call forwarding, call waiting, direct inward dialing, simultaneous ringing, click to call, enhanced ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) allow users to access their faxes, emails and voicemail messages online with the ability to download, print, forward or delete the files when required. This is a great benefit for employees who work form home or are constantly on trips and need remote access to the system.

The Hosted PBX can project your company as a fortune 500 enterprise at just a fraction of the price. Toll free numbers, vanity numbers, professionally customized greetings, music on hold and many such digital features make a lasting impression on your callers to increase your customer base and build reliable and longer customer relations.

Unified Communication is the icing on the cake for the Hosted PBX VOIP Systems which can simplify your business communication by giving access to the world class technology and features that can transform your business communication. Choosing the right business phone system for your business can be a sure shot towards making your business successful. Hosted PBX can take your business communication to a truly enterprise level at a price that fits in your pocket.

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