SmartBridge Direct VoIP Routes on Robust Network

Email : Cheap calls are trendy and many people using VoIP to terminate their calls. However, VoIP still has the reputation of poor voice quality, the number of suppliers and the resulting tariff jungle frightens many customers from the first step towards VoIP. Customer inquiries have led us to offer our direct (and indirect) routes for sale, we have therefore put all our carriers together in a easy to use platform and offer you the opportunity to terminate your calls over the SmartBridge Communications network. We offer only first-class telephony and send most of the calls over direct connected lines. With SmartBridge VoIP you can choose between two different Routes, the white Route is direct connected with Tier 1 carriers in the destination countries with excelent quality, with the second route we offer the lowest possible rates for wholesale. Our service is best for VoIP carriers, call centers, resellers and call shops. No membership or monthly fees are required to access our wholesale termination rates. Wholesale Services VoIP Termination Direct Inbound Dialing (DID) Toll-Free Services Calling Card Service Wholesale Internet Access Enterprise Services
VOIPO residential phone service for $8.25 per month