Q&A: What is wrong with my internet connection?

Question by Oika: What is wrong with my internet connection?
I already check in with my provider so everything is being supplied as it’s supposed to be but I can’t video or voice chat. I am theoretically able to do that, but it starts and stops, skips and then speeds up to catch up…it’s very annoying. Some longer videos take FOREVER to load. When I use Safari I notice my connection resets itself often, so I get logged out of certain programs. How can I stop this?

I use WiFi. When I opened command prompt and looked at all my network connections there was more than 30 there. What can I do to minimize this? The thing is I don’t have any other programs running in the background and I’ve checked for viruses so that can’t be it.

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Answer by Fred
You can NOT have that many network connections. You are only using one, and there wil be a few additional sub connections shown. But if you have that many you really need to get someone to look at them a find out why you have so many and which ones you can stop. VERY dangerous to mess with them unless you REALLY understand what you are doing, or you can totally lose connection. This could also indicate the presence of spyware, so try downloading the free scanner from http://malwarebytes.org and run the full scan.

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