Q&A: What is the best software for recording calls made with VoIP phones in an office?

Question by admodieus: What is the best software for recording calls made with VoIP phones in an office?
We have come across a situation where we would like to record some phone calls made in the workplace through our soft VoIP phones. Optimally, this software would be able to run on a computer connected to the same network without having to install anything on the server – however, I am not opposed to any solutions including the server.

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Answer by bully
What solutions are you running for VoIP in the office?
Do you use a voice gateway? Is there a PBX server for your VoIP solution?

Additional – There are numerous suppliers of call recording solutions. I would suggest contacting your VoIP provider re-seller and getting a quote from them.

All the solutions will require software running on a server and a connection to your network. Depending on the solution the recording will need to have multiple network connections, one for admin and playback and one that will most likely use port spanning to sniff for the rtp (voice packet data) streams in your network where that spanning occurs will depend again on what you want to achieve. To record external calls, the spanning can be carried out at the voice gateway but if you also wish to record internal calls then further spanning will be required.

Sorry I can’t be any more precise but without detailed knowledge of your network and VoIP solution I can’t offer any further advice.

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