Make Free International Calls?

Benito Asked: Make Free International Calls?

So I’m trying to call my father to wish him a happy birthday, he lives in mexico but i’m a little short on money. I found this service called talkster (rebtel) which lets you use Voip for free calls, unfortunately it says for the service to work both parties in said phone call have to have unlimited local calls, which my father does not, he has a prepaid cell phone. Is there any other service that offers what talkster doe, but to call prepaid phones. Oh and i have unlimited local by the way.
Please help!


Juniordakidd510 Answered:
if you have an ipod you can use that and get the app vonage its free;)

Smart Mouth Mobile Answered:
Next week, version 1.3 of the Smart Mouth Mobile app will allow you to do this from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch as well as Android and Blackberry… $19.95 per year to call anyone anywhere in the world unlimited…

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