Hosted Voip SolutionsIdeal Communication Network for Homes and Offices

VoIP solutions use a broadband Internet connection for telephone communications and are well suited for small offices and homes to have a superior quality of audio transmission.

VoIp solutions are flexible and effective. The best part is that VoIP users can call people who use a normal telephone line or a VoIP connection. Many a time, all you need to do is to use their original phone hooked to a modem that makes it compatible with the IP connection. VoIP just needs a fast Internet connection for long distance communication. It has made long distance phone calls cheaper, be it anywhere in the world.

Hosted VoIP services are well suited for small and medium companies that do not own their own PBX. This service has many useful features and the monthly tariff is lower than the standard telephone service.

A hosted VoIP service can be used to connect companies with many small branches, remote offices, or work from home employees. Apart from making calls, the customers get many useful features like voice message retrieval from email, free PC to PC calling and high quality conference calling among others. VoIP is easy to install and operate and additional lines can be added at any time and the main office network is connected to the home office through a VoIP router.

The emergence of technologies like Softswitch has revolutionized this segment. Softswitch enables connectivity between the Internet, wireless networks, cable networks and conventional telephony network, to form a converged network.

There are many VoIP reseller programs online, which enables cheap and easy communication with your near and dear ones at any part of the world. The VoIP resellers connect end users with best VoIP providers and provide cheap calling plans to fulfill the requirements of users.

Typically large offices will have a PBX, (public branch exchange system) to attend and transferring calls. These are expensive and needs regular maintenance, which makes it unviable to small and medium organizations and that is what makes the hosted PBX that do not require any investment in equipment quite popular among small and medium business entities. In a hosted PBX, when a call comes into your business’s number it is routed to the host’s PBX system, where the call is answered and the automated attendant offers options to the caller. Based on their choice, the call is sent to voicemail or forwarded to the specified number by the host’s PBX.

VoIP solutions not only handle the network of your communications but also help the users to make international calls at a fraction of the conventional calls. VoIP solutions have revolutionized the world of telecommunications by offering quality and speedy transmission for the users.

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