Hey people, why people consider reliance so bad?!?

Dhanushree Banjan Asked: Hey people, why people consider reliance so bad?!?

Hi, Actually,there is an exciting contest running on Facebook!!! and I also won 30 mins free international talk time from reliance global call yesterday!! Isn't that great!! I wonder why do people not consider reliance??? I reside in Bandra, & I had no network issue either when I called up my sis in US to day morning. We had a flawless talk for 30 mins. I am thiking of swithing my VoIP card to reliance global call card!! If do so is it ok???? Please ADVICE!!!


chuchu Answered:
Reliance may provid these kinda offers,but they are just for their profit only ! as far as my experience,it was very bad with Rim …i used it for internet ,it cut off your balance without any reason n its dialtone also goes ..its a company just for lootin people …

Renorgan Answered:
Because they lost the capacity to think otherwise. Can't help..

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