Help on finding a Voip IP phone?

Adam Asked: Help on finding a Voip IP phone?

I’m looking at completely switching to voip from my land line. I’m looking for a Voip ip phone that is cordless. I’m new to this technology, but I think it needs to be SIP compatible and unlocked. I’m not sure if I can simply get a router and have wifi cordless phones, or if I need to purchase an Internet phone adapter to use analog phone base that can support cordless phone. My main concern is highest quality with cordless phones.

Any help in this direction would be appreciated.


joe r Answered:
while cordless VoIP phones do exist, mostly WiFi versions, they are extremely cost prohibitive, and most people do not use them.. most people who want a cordless phone, or for residential VoIP customers, they generally get an ATA such as a linksys PAP2T or SPA 2102 then connect a standard telephone into this box…

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