Can VoIP work using home network WiFi?

Brian Kuhn Asked: Can VoIP work using home network WiFi?

A few years ago, I used Vonage. I was told at the time, that a broadband connection was required in the home and I know this is still true today. However, I was wondering if you can now use your home network’s WiFi to use Vonage in the home because I know Vonage and Mobile Phone companies have made it so you can use Vonage on some of the more recent Smart Phones that have WiFi. So if you can use it on a WiFi enabled Mobile Phone, is there a way to use it on your home network’s WiFi?

(And, for the record, I don’t necessarily have to go with Vonage if there are other VoIP brands out there that will accomplish this if Vonage won’t/can’t, Vonage was just the first that came to mind.)

Also, I know that there is a difference between Vonage operating via a Smart Phone app and therefore being able to use Mobile Phone WiFi and home network WiFi and all that… I just thought maybe if they made it so you can use their service on Mobile Phone WiFi, they may have upgraded their products to run off of home network WiFi signals?


Jessica DeLazzo Answered:

Colinc Answered:
Yes, for any VOIP service.

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