A Beginners Guide on Voice Over Ip Termination

When the Internet was introduced some time back, some of the researchers had predicted that it will eventually lead to convergence of communication. This prediction has come true with the emergence of VoIP. Voice over IP termination as it is known among the technical world, sends the voice in the form of data packets via the Internet by converting analog signals into small digital IP packets. The main advantage of this transmission over the internet is that it completely cuts down the need to maintain optical fiber network, thereby cutting down on the cost of infrastructure.

Benefits of VoIP

1. Cheaper calls can be made using voice over IP services.

2. Location independent: one can remain in touch with their business or family no matter which part of the globe they are in.

3. Ideal for Mobile workers and virtual contact centers: Its mobility feature makes it convenient for mobile works and virtual contact centers to carry on their operations efficiently and cost-effectively while on the road.

4. Quality is supreme. So one need not bother about echo effects any more.

5. Reliable and secure: With security being in top focus of the providers, there is nothing to worry about in terms of reliability and safety of information.

6. Ease of service: VoIP calls are made using the traditional phones too; as a result it enhances the way you perform without changing the way you function.

Voice over IP telephony or IP telephony offers hosts of services which make it not just convenient but also feasible for all sectors of the industry to integrate it in their communication structure. These services include:

1. VoIP telephony – VoIP makes calling cost-effective and efficient. The quality of service which was initially a matter of concern has greatly improved, competing with that of the traditional mode of communication at present.

2. VoIP reseller programs – There are few premium VoIP service providers who offer reseller plans making it profitable for resellers to venture into this field with negligible investment and minimum risk. White label and gold are the two kinds of plans on offer. White label gives them the advantage of operating VoIP services under their own brand name.

3. Wholesale carrier services – Wholesalers act as a vital link between the service providers and VoIP resellers. They are required to set up the infrastructure needed to route the calls, namely – gateways, switches etc. With VoIP becoming the hot favorite of one and all, wholesalers have a lot to look forward to in terms of revenue generation.

4. VoIP Business solutions – VoIP providers offer a complete business solution to take care of the changing needs of the business houses. They are ideal for contact centres, ISP’s and corporates. They help in providing a cheaper way to network, increase efficiency and ultimately increases the profits.

There is no doubt about VoIP taking over the telecom sector in the coming years. For those who want to attain maximum benefits from VoIP, the time to venture in this field is now!

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