Wireless internet on Cell phone?

Matt Lotito Asked: Wireless internet on Cell phone?

I have a 4G cell phone that allows me to use it as a wireless access point so that I can connect my laptop to it. It also allows me to use it as a wired access point by plugging the phone directly into my laptop. I work from home and the desk phone that my job gave me is VoIP phone which uses the standard cat5 cable that plugs into a router or switch to gain both access to the internet and power as well. what is the best way that I can connect my wired desk phone to use my cell phone’s internet access.


Ash Answered:
That’s a good question.If you have a wireless router, you can try switching it from Gateway mode into a Bridge mode where it will basically connect to another wireless network to sort of “extend” that network to wired devices connected to the router.

You should be able to check your user’s manual for the router model you have for specific instructions on how to do this.

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