Why does my cable internet shut off when the phone rings?

Question by thephilliesarenotstopable: Why does my cable internet shut off when the phone rings?
My family has cable internet. The cable comes from the wall, then goes to the modem, and then goes to the wireless-N router. A cord also comes from the router to the desktop PC it is near. The wireless network works fine normally. here is the problem, whenever the home phone rings or is used, the internet goes down and cannot be used until the phone is no longer in use. What is the cause of this problem and what are possible solutions?

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Answer by niteawul
From your setup, I can’t tell if you have DSL or cable internet. If this is DSL through your telephone company, it sounds like you either have a bad filter or connection outside, and the low frequency voice portion is bleeding into your high-frequency DSL, which is resetting your connection, or you have a cordless phone that is operating on the same frequency as your wireless router. Most new routers have a solution for this by altering the broadcast frequency of your wireless.

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