why are there other search engines when Google does everything?

jack of all trades Asked: why are there other search engines when Google does everything?

Google has everything it wipes the floor with all competition. so why does other companies bother trying to get better? they’ll never beat google.

gmail- best there is, short of paying for something
maps- maps, satellite, 3D & street view.

what else is there?

  • voice-FREE voip
  • weather
  • stock quotes
  • time
  • sports scores
  • sunrise/set
  • spell check
  • intelligent calculator- the simple “5+3” to “527 feet per second to meters per second”
  • web browser. i don’t see other companies offering that
  • public information
  • dictionary
  • census info
  • youtube
  • and so much more.

plus, if anyone still uses dial up, its the only search engine that doesn’t take several minutes to load. their page is so blank & yet so functional!

and, google has never gone down or gotten slow due to excessive load.

so why do places like askjeeves, altavista, yahoo, msn still doing in the search engine business?


Xiaolu Wang Answered:
Um, well I have one answer, you should know that a search engine creator gets money every single time a new computer come onto a search engines’ creators? And the another thing is that some search engines can’t go all around the world in the web and stuff like that, because there is a certain perimeter. Plus, some search engines such as bing have a complete copy of google to extend longer connection, so It’s either for the money or the connection. And another thing is that not ALL people like Google so they may prefer other search ENGINES. And plus, Google is mainly only for English speaking people so that may be another reason why they have other search engines in China, etc.
The Wolf Answered:
First not everyone likes Google, I’m like you and use it for everything but others prefer other sites for their own reasons. There’s also billions of websites, blogs and videos for for those who try to make money online being on multiple search engines is a bonus. Google also generally caters to english speaking people this is why in some other countries such as China and Russia for example their home grown search engines are dominant because they cater specifically to locals.

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