What do I need to make my phone jacks all operate on voip?

Question by Rofrank: What do I need to make my phone jacks all operate on voip?
I understand there is something I can plug into one phone jack and all the other jacks will become part of the network for VOIP. Anybody know what I need?
The phone adapter supplied with the VOIP service will connect only one phone.
Thanks for any help.
Broadband service is DSL.

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Answer by I use voip now
If you disconnect all the telephone wires from where your regular phone wire from the phone company comes into your house/apt or whatever, and then connect a regular phone (RJ11) phone cord from any one of the jacks in the house to the cable modem, and then use a doubler (a thingy you can buy from any best buy circuit city radio shack etc) you can plug the cord from any of your phones into any of the jacks, and all the jacks will be connected to the modem. DO NOT DO THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE DISCONNECTED THE “INSIDE WIRING” FROM THE WIRE COMING FROM THE PHONE COMPANY. Otherwise, the ring voltage, which is about 90 volts, will FRY your modem, a very bad deal.

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