What are the Pros and Consequences of Voice Over IP?

What are the Pros and Consequences of Voice Over IP?


• can be accessible by all who have a computer and an internet connection


• Many people are able to talk at the same time by many services, which makes it easy to conduct a conference call


• VoIP minimizes the requirement for traditional telephone services and users are able to use their broadband service for all of their communication requirements


• Generally, VoIP provides a quality connection


• There is no additional fee for services in many cases like as long distance and out of network calls which is useful for international connections


• As a security measure, encryption is used


• provides more and more advanced services than traditional telephones services


• increases cost efficiency especially on long distance calling which also raises the number of calls that can be made


• Big organizations can use an internal enterprise phone network which enables lower maintenance fees and cheap communication to remote branches and sites of the organization


• By combining both telephone and data services together, there may be a more streamlined approach to troubleshooting which makes it possible to use just one vendor for all communication requirements. It could also minimize training costs


• set up as well as upgrades are easy to implement


• It is cutting edge technology that can adapt to the new need for accessibility


• Some security concerns are there including infrastructure. This also increases the responsibility of the IT Department


• Power Outages may impact service since there is no back up power source for most of the VOIP services


• No directory assistance there may be like 4-1-1 readily available for all VOIP services


• This kind of service mainly depends on the service provider and not mainstream standards of service


• There is vulnerability about the ” the protocols, operating systems, the phones and their software”


• For hatching into conversations, there is vulnerability


• The setup in the VoIP infrastructure is at risk for wire-tapping


• Computer viruses and bugs also at a risk for


• From different computers, there has been some inconsistency in routing to the same source


• There are switching costs to switch systems over to . This mainly involves building a stronger network


• This new technology threatens to end the requirement for long distance carriers, many telephone companies rely on for a main portion of their earnings


• VoIP does not have a standard protocol setup at this time. Over this connection, the federal authorities can monitor transmissions which puts privileged information at risk when using VoIP

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