VoWiFi or Hybrids: The Future of VoIP

VoIP phones are now available in corded and cordless versions. VoIP corded phones have a lot of features. You could also buy a desktop phone that has speakerphone, Call Waiting, Hold, Speed Dial, Transfer, and programmable keys like Menu, Dial, Volume, Transfer, Cancel, as well as Speaker or Headset mode.

A 2 line VoIP corded telephone can also be bought. This kind of phone has features naming Three Way Conferencing, phone to phone, or phone to PC, or phone to gateway direct dial. These are suitable for small businesses or home office use.

VoIP phones that are cordless are also a popular choice. Such phones are not similar to VoIP wireless or VoWi FI phones. VoIP phones are the same with cordless standard phones. They are perfect for your house, however not outside, besides basic VoIP service.

Another choice is known as VoWiFi. VoWiFi means Voice over Wireless Fidelity. This refers to the use of VoIP over a wireless connection. A VoWiFi phone will operate by means of a wireless network’s access point. The upside in using VoWiFi is the fact that you can conveniently get network signals or “hotspots” free of charge, but VoWiFi won’t work outside a wireless range, and you’ll instantly be terminated from a call. If you have a wireless network that you are local to, you’ll find VoWiFi to be beneficial and totally cost effective.

Due to issues with network connectivity, you can now find Hybrid phones. A hybrid refers to a cross between VoWiFi and a cellular phone. A Hybrid places a call when you’re in your cellular network range, and to avoid roaming charges, is able to get free VoWiFi through entering a hotspot. This is a good mix between two technologies and it has a great chance of evolving.

One thing is for sure; VoIP is definitely an advancement in regards to telecommunications, and it’s for good. It doesn’t matter if you use your computer, and Internet Messaging program, a VoIP phone adapter, VoIP cordless or corded phones, VoWiFi or Hybrids are the future means of telecommunication.

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