Vonage VoIP phone service?

G2 Asked: Vonage VoIP phone service?

my dad got this vonage phone service where you get this thing and hook it up to your modem with ethernet cables and it makes call through the internet. In the instructions, it says to hook up your modem first then your vonage device and then your router. i was wondering if you could hook up the vonage device in the order: modem, router, then the vonage device from an ethernet port in the router and if that would make your internet speed faster or slower or no difference when people are using the phone?


BillV Answered:
I would recommend hooking up modem-VoIP-Router so you don’t run into any firewall issues.
Sharpie Answered:
The Vonage modem is a pass-through kind of device for internet so it should not affect your internet speed at all.Like the other person said, if you connect your router to the cable modem first then you may run into problems like firewall, IP address, etc. and you have to know how to setup the internal configurations of your router.

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