Voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Is Heart Of Online Calling

Before saying anything i want to make you aware of the Voip. Voip is described as the voice over internet protocol. It is a form of the Internet Telephony. Normally people use the traditional way of calling, like they use phone and mobile to communicate with each other. But traditional way of calling cost much more on per minute. Thats why there is a need of a program grow for reducing the calling cost. Then in 1995 Israel had developed this this program(Voip). From a user perspective, IP-telephony provides the same functions as traditional telephone service – call or fax transmission between subscribers of the city or PBX in real time. However, the use of digital technologies and channels can significantly reduce the cost of long distance and international calls.

Unlike the traditional telephone network (PSTN), where the voice is transmitted continuously in the “natural” analog form, in IP-based networks, all information is broadcast exclusively in digital form. Voice is encoded into a digital sequence, is sent to a destination where again decoded to the original human speech. Before sending a digitized voice information is compressed and split up into smaller “pieces” – the data packets, hence another name for IP-telephony – “packet telephony. Packets reaching, often by different routes to the destination, once again going into a whole, lined up in the original order.

Why is this done? For the most effective use of communication channels. It is evident that through the same tube of sufficient diameter cubic meter of tennis balls will be faster and easier than a cubic meter of footballs. Moreover, the flux density in the first case will be higher, and the unused voids will be smaller. On the Internet, unlike tubes, bags, depending on the load channels are sent by different routes (routing), i.e. flows are not one but many, allowing data transmission rate higher.

Because of the variety of terms the concept of IP-telephony and Internet telephony is often confused with each other or are identified with a computer (batch) telephony in general. It should be understood that the IP-telephony the Internet are privately owned computer telephony solutions. The main difference and advantage of IP-telephony is that the data is transferred over a dedicated digital channels. Such channels have sufficient capacity and are used only for voice traffic. Internet telephony as transmission lines using the public Internet, the channels which are loaded heterogeneous traffic and can not provide guaranteed bandwidth, which delays passage of signal instability and a deterioration of communication quality.

The Voip is very helpful to those caller who regularly make international calls. Compare to Voip the traditional way of calling cost very high rate. If you have the internet connection and the person whom you are calling also have have internet connection then you both can communicate freely with Voip. There are a lot of Voip programs which provide free Voip calling facility. If you want to make call on mobile or landlines in abroad then Voip is quite cheaper. so stay connected with Voip and enjoy the services of free Voip calls.

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