VoIP – Then and Now

When Internet and dial up were just new to mankind, VoIP was something only a few could experience. Voice calls were particularly hard to make back in the day, with the latency and lag associated with slow speeds and all. VoIP was always the last resort. When PSTN phone system were acting up, VoIP is the answer.

Before, Internet traffic was always a pain in the neck to many. However, modern broadband speeds are making sure that is in the past now. With these high-speed connections we have, we no longer have to worry when talking to our loved ones abroad just using our computers.

Cellphones, on the other hand, can still give us headaches, bandwidth-wise. 3G technologies in this day and age give more than enough bandwidth to allow a smooth VoIP experience. It’s not the speed that is a limiting factor, but the latency and lag associated with wireless connectivity.

Wherever we go these days, WiFi connections are not hard to come by. We drink our coffee in our favorite coffee shops and when we get bored, we can just bring out our mobiles, then voila, we can spend our time on the Internet. Wi-Fi is a good substitute since it is covered by a standard Ethernet connection. You can rest assured you won’t be having troubles with it when it’s within its area of operation. But the 4G that’s on the rise today is far more perfect for VoIP, hence the acronym VoLTE – Voice over LTE.

How do you like to use VoIP? Me, I still prefer the old school VoIP where I use my desktop, but mobile VoIP is not so bad! It has its own charm, and of course, it’s mobile. It makes life so much easier! You get to talk to your loved ones anytime anywhere.


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