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In the fast paced world today and the ever changing face of communication, people have created ways using the different gadgets to address the ever heavy demands of people. The days of telephone sets are now just a thing of the past! With the hectic way of leaving and the need to be always “in the know” of everything has paved way into the birth of a cheaper yet more readily accessible and efficient way of communication. With the arrival of VoIP or voice over internet protocol has really made both long distance and local calls really possible, cheaper and faster.

Voice OVER IP technology has received a higher amount of praise in recent years. This technology provides people a new way for people to send and receive calls using their phones via the internet. People are switching to the VOIP system even though it is relatively new since it is able to save lots of moneys that phone bills bring. VOIP technology is built upon the idea of using internet technology. Computers are being operated by sending various and numerous packets of information that utilizes cables, wires and fiber optics. At the receiver’s end these packets of information are being converted into sensible form to be able to recreate the original message. VOIP works by sending these data packets that are representations of voice data. Distance is one thing that has been made not a factor for the communication of the modern day. With the VoIP, callers are now able to communicate without relying on the usual and traditional terrestrial infrastructures just to be able to send and receive signals.

One of the major advantages of this system is that a single business can be done in different locations. VOIP can even be connected to all the LAN and WAN networks and are able to receive many profits due to the single system that is being used. The profits can be considered effortless and seamless call transfers, dialing and some other important features. It provides an easy and convenient type of communication. It can also bridge distances and gaps among employees that need to correspond to one another but are from different places.

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