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21st century is the ruling name for high definition. Everything is becoming high definition; from televisions to desktop screens, cameras to cell phones; so why the communication technology should take a seat behind. Yes! Now are the days of HD Voice which is being offered by VoIP service.

VoIP is basically a technology in which data is transmitted from one place to another in the form of tiny electronic data packets inside the fiber optic lines. Now the quality of voice is being further improved by the used of HD technology. This has resulted in better sound quality twice as before.

HD voice enables the users to receive clarity and perfection in audio. It is achieved by widening the bandwidth of the sound spectrum. It is through the HD voice that people sitting in one corner of the world can talk to people sitting at another corner of the world as if they are sitting in front of each other.

HD voice technology helps in cross-cultural communication. Normally it is quite a challenge to understand someone with a different accent and interpret what exactly he/she is saying on call. The HD voice technology has removed all such problems as the voice is so clear that the person listening can easily understand and make out what is the sender trying to say to him/her

People who are enabled with HD voice technology can talk easily with each other. In fact, if the right kind of software is installed in the cell phones with HD voice then communication is very easily done and it builds up a communication bridge between the people.

For two HD Voice technology users, it is very important to have a similar codec. Otherwise, communication is not possible. Normally codec varies with different phones and therefore, having one similar codec at least is very important in order to talk. On a standard PSTN, G.711u codec is being used and it is the standard codec in use these days. It must also be noted here that the phones which are HD compatible can use codec but the calls themselves cannot put codec to use. For the SIP users, the codec is mostly G.722u and they also have a facility to have their call channeled to a conference bridge. It is through the wideband technology system that a lot of variety and options are available for mix matching the codec and the bridges.

If you want to get the best VoIP service through HD voice then it is preferable to use HD handsets for making calls. The higher the compatibility of the electronic gadgets, the better is the quality and higher the perfection will be. With the wideband VoIP service technology, HD voice is still better to what you get by using a normal telephone system.

Currently, a few good service providers are coming up with the HD voice technology as a VoIP service. It will take some more time to get very popular and adaptable amongst the masses as it is comparatively new. But Axvoice has started its campaign and it is now endorsing HD voice too at a larger scale. In fact, many customers of Axvoice have got their standard VoIP systems upgraded with HD voice technology in order to enjoy calling more. Therefore, making a choice of Axvoice as your VoIP service provider is certainly a good thought.

HD VoIP is great incriment in VoIP world which help us to enjoy better voip phones calling

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