Voice over IP VPN Connections?

Question by SealedWithAKiss: Voice over IP VPN Connections?
We’re currently running a VoIP telecommunications system using Avaya products. We are an organisation with multiple remote sites, which all need to be connected via VPN tunnels to ensure that they are able to communicate with one another for both voice and data. Currently we are using a system whereby each remote site is connected to every other remote site by a single VPN connection. This seems to be extremely inefficient, since we have literally between 10-15 VPN connections to every remote site. We’d like to change this by bringing all of our VoIP communications into a single location, namely our head office where the Avaya call server is located.

This would work by creating a single VPN connection between every location to our head office, eliminating the administrative nightmare that we’ve been experiencing. All of the remote networks are on varying subnets, with our head office actually being supernetted with a subnet mask. The telephones at our head office are on a separate VLAN. It might also be worth mentioning that we are using a WatchGuard firewall to route traffic and manage the external VPN connections. What’s the best way to go about going from the dysfunctional system we have in place now, to adopting a ‘one to many’ topology that’s much more efficient?

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Answer by Lionel1020
To change your dysfunctional system you will have to do a trace and correct on each individual site starting with head office. This can be very time consuming and costly. It might be easier to delete and reinstall the lot. Do the head office then make an installation script of the 1st site config.. Then you just run the script at each site.

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