Voice over Internet Protocol at its Best

Since 2004, a major advancement in telecommunication industry was introduced with the launching of mass-market VoIP services. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol refers to a group of methodologies, communication protocols and transmission technologies that is utilized for the distribution of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks like the internet. It requires broadband Internet access wherein you can make and receive phone calls similar with the device thru the public switched telephone network (PSTN). VoIP service providers provide different plans, promos and freebies that will certainly fit your needs and budget. Thus, it could be coupled with cheap international calls.

Many VoIP service providers give unlimited domestic calls for a flat-fee monthly rate or free if you are calling the same provider. This is also true for some selected countries wherein you can avail of cheap international calls promos and plans. In contrast with public switched telephone network or PTNS, VoIP have services that are more easier to implement rather than using PSTN because you don’t need a land line telephone anymore, thus reducing your communication and infrastructure costs. Using VoIP to make cheap international calls would involve three ways: by phone to phone, by mobile to mobile or by computer to computer.

Phone to phone call would require an internet telephony provider, a registration to have an access number and a credit to the account in order to avail of at least six weeks unlimited free calls promo. Mobile to mobile call, on the other hand requires unused inclusive minutes and a kit from a call service provider to avail of free call services. Lastly, PC to PC conversation needs a computer, headset with a microphone and a downloadable program. The common factor for these three is that you can make cheap international calls with your family, friends or business associates. With some VoIP service providers, such offer is for FREE!

With the advancement on communication tools and the great demand on cheap international calls, service providers are becoming innovative and competitive with their plans and promos that contain great discounts and freebies. This would greatly benefit the consumer especially on availing the cheap international calls to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Communication is a significant tool to keep the relationship, whether personal or business related, grows despite the distance and time difference. Thus VoIP should always be paired with cheap international calls.

Calling anytime is made simple and powered by the latest in VoIP technology making it reliable and meaning that you can connect not only from your mobile, but also from any landline or web browser. Using the latest technology to avail cheap international calls with your cell phone does not require WiFi, 3G or any other internet connection. For a limited time we are offering 50 cents worth of trial calls on signup – this is good for up to 30 minutes of long distance calls (depending on destination); click here.

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