Upsides To VoIP

You probably have an idea about VoIP or Voice-over Internet Protocol by now. In case you haven’t, you might have a lot of questions right now. You get all intrigued when people you personally know claim how they are enjoying all the benefits from such technology.

Basically, VoIP converts your voice conversation an analog signal into a digital one. Then it is transmitted over the Internet through an IP or Internet Protocol network.

What’s the main upside to it, you may ask. When compared with the conventional phone service, you get to save significant amounts of cash. In case you already have broadband internet access, you have to choice to sign up with your service provider and make and receive unlimited calls, even long distance and international ones without getting shocked by huge monthly bills because the rates are still fixed. If you have family and friends abroad, VoIP is your best bet.

One other service feature is that it gives you the freedom to have a phone number which is not even in your state. With such feature, those you know from that state are able to call you at a local number without getting charged long distance. It’s not only you who get to enjoy the benefits!

Most major Voice Over IP VOIP providers let customers have their current home phone numbers changed into a new VoIP account, provided you have a special modem that connects to your broadband router on hand. The speed of your Internet connection greatly affects the call quality.

One issue about VoIP though is its incompatibility with the 911 system. It’s not always the case especially with many major providers. You are only required to have your address registered with your Voice Over IP phone number in order for the 911 system to track your location in an event of an emergency.

VoIP has a lot of features not mentioned here so go try it yourself!

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