To VoIP, Or Not to VoIP: That is the Question

VoIP has become a popular network application in the last few years in the internet and communication world. While it brings that use it, the decision of whether VoIP is right for their needs is a difficult one. Many businesses may not know the benefits of VoIP either.

Consumers and businesses are aware that implementing a VoIP network can save them money. For those that make a lot of long distance calls, the savings increase substantially. For those that wonder how the savings occur, you first have to understand how VoIP works. VoIP calls are transmitted along your broadband internet connection, bypassing your regular telephone service provider. The cost-savings are from not being charged the numerous taxes and other charges that your regular phone line incurs.

Saving money from long distance calls can result in a . With the growing number of VoIP service providers entering the market each year, the competition and subsequent pricing battle between the providers, now is a good time for many businesses looking to convert to VoIP.

With the deployment of a VoIP network into your business, you will receive a converter. This converter is great in itself because it’s assigned with your own individual number. If you need to travel, you just take the converter with you and plug it into any broadband connection. This allows you to make and receive calls using the same number. Make sure to have a good bandwidth connection, such as with broadband or DSL, to ensure your VoIP will work successfully. Other things you will need include a computer microphone or regular phone, a VoIP route adaptor for connecting to the internet and of course, a VoIP service provider.

Features that come with a VoIP network include call waiting, caller ID, speed dialing, call forwarding, 3-way calling, free voicemail, plus much more.

In summary, there are many benefits for your business to convert to a VoIP network. While the decision of whether VoIP is right for your business’s needs is a difficult one, hopefully this article has helped you make a better decision. This decision is yours! Just be sure to compare the services and costs of several carriers first, then choose the one that best suits your business’s needs. Do your homework first!



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