Tips to Choose Hosted VOIP Service Provider

Voice Over Internet Protocol — VOIP is gaining popularity for long-distance communications, a cheaper alternate to phone calls. Using hosted VOIP solutions can cut your pone bills by 80%. This saving is in fact much more than what you will need to pay as one time installation cost initially. There are many VoIP service providers on the line and selecting right one is a matter of consideration. Besides they have so many options to choose from that it is not impossible that you end up paying for a wrong product. Here are some tips to help you on that front.

Requirement Analysis — You need to assess your exact requirement first. In fact you need to know if you really need to use hosted VoIP or not. You can know that by confirming if you really make too many long-distance calls. The VoIP might not prove a good decision if you do not have to make global calls on frequent basis. This is good for those who have contacts across borders and need to talk to them. If more than 50% of your traditional bills is spent on long-distance call, VoIP can help you cut that down to 10%. You can compare the charges on local calls and on that VoIP.

Customer Care — Don’t just jump for lowest priced hosted VOIP offer. It might cost you more later. The reason is the service providers who sell cheap products, often fail to provide after-sales services. They do succeed in attracting a lot of business, in fact as much as they can’t handle at all and customers suffer. So you need to make sure that you are contacting a reputed service provider. You can take counsel of your friends or clients before opting for one.

Customization — There may be several packages on the roll. Some might sound you very cheap, and some exorbitant, so let that not be the only criterion of selection. Check out the services they are offering with each packages and if you really need them. For example you should know if you will want to have a call-waiting option in your package, if you would like to have 3 way calling system, or if you really need to have fax facility in your package. So the package value will vary accordingly. Pick only what you really need, but make sure that you are not missing one which you really need.

Phone Number — Before you select a hosted VoIP plan, you need to make sure if the company allows you to keep your old number. Many companies do let you keep your old phone number, but many may not allow that feature. For those who have already distributed their contact numbers to several new, old and prospective clients can not afford to change it. Specially those who are running home business which entirely depend on their phone number only. You can’t risk losing customers for a VoIP. Certainly not. So make sure to choose one which let you keep your old number/s.

Emergency Services — Many VOIP allows emergency services or not. Many do, but many don’t. So there is no use lamenting on it later. Make sure it before you sign up.

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