Things To Know Before Switching To VoIP

Haven’t heard about VoIP, also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol? Maybe you’re living under a rock. VoIP is the new technology that serves as a replacement for normal telephone. Rathen than going for your normal phone line, it utilizes your high-speed internet connection (DSL or cable). The question is, should you opt for this like the rest of the world is?

Certainly, you must have significant knowledge about it before taking any big step. So, here are some benefits and features of VoIP you might want to know before making the switch

First is money. VoIP is significantly more affordable than regular telephone lines. More often than not, VoIP services give you some or unlimited free international and long distance calls. That said, you can call a friend in the Philippines for the same price as a friend next door. However, if you don’t use your phone so much and only make local calls, then you better stick with your traditional landline.

Next are the special features. Most of the time, VoIP comes with nice features that conventional phone lines don’t have. Say, conference calling, free caller-ID, on-hold background music, free voicemail, to name a few.

It works with Mac and PC. If you’re using your computer and want to call someone, then you’re good to go. You can use your computer that has special software that will let you share documents, messages, and videos (video chatting) with people that have VoIP too.

Moreover, there are a lot of bonuses, perks, and services. Bear in mind that every VoIP company is unique. Some give you proprietary services, as well as bonuses. Look into every option before signing up.

So, how is VoIP working for you so far? If you think it will do you good, it will! You will get to spare money. Oftentimes, you are given a 30-day money-back guarantee (sometimes longer). If it doesn’t work for you, you can get your cash back.

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