Small Office Voice over IP PBX Phone Systems

By implementing powerful small office voice over IP PBX phone systems, the unique telecommunication requirements of small and medium sized business organizations can be easily met. This phone system enables sharing of data, voice and videos rather effortlessly.

Small office voice over phone systems help to reduce your telephone expenses. Outgoing calls to long distances and abroad can be made at minimum call rates. Owing to its web interface, countless extensions can be maintained from an existing telephone connection. Therefore multiple departments can be created without keeping additional telephone lines. Moreover, your operating location can be changed without altering the main business phone numbers. Business offices can be launched without creating the physical infrastructure at any place of your choice.

Small office voice over IP are provided with sophisticated call answering functions. These include auto attendant, call conferencing, caller ID, automatic call distribution, voicemail, voice to email, fax mail , find me follow me call forwarding , call waiting and lots more.

Callers are offered a feature-rich communication interface. They are welcomed by the auto attendant with recorded salutation messages. Calls are connected to the concerned extensions without delay. It even handles several calls coming simultaneously without giving connection busy signals for the callers.

This phone system helps to generate a competent business image. Calls to the business numbers can be received on your other land phone and cell numbers through the efficient call forwarding functions. Unattended calls are straightaway transferred to the voicemail box, so the callers can place voice messages. Therefore you can concentrate on core business activities without bothering about missing calls. The voice messages are forwarded to your email account and hence the messages can be checked from far-off locations.

The PBX services can be utilized without maintaining costly equipments in your site. You can rely on trustworthy service providers offering PBX features at cost-effective monthly charges.

Small Business PBX – Small business VoIP phone systems come with a number of advanced features such as auto attendant, call forwarding, voicemail, fax to email and more.

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