Samsung Nexus S – How to Set Up Nexus S for Internet Calling

Samsung Google Nexus S i9023- SIM Free I owned a HTC Wildfire as I was out of budget at that time to buy a HTC Desire. Last few months I was on the watch to either buy an Apple or an Android phone. Finally I chose GOOGLE NEXUS S and it has lived to my expectations. Here are some of the criteria I had used for choosing this phone which have not been proved wrong: 1. Display is excellent and comparable to HTC Desire, though there is a argument that it is slightly inferior to IPhone 4. But for my eye, I couldn’t barely any difference. 2. It runs on GINGERBREAD (Android v2.3), big plus – it is much faster and has more code fixes. It is far better than Android v2.1/2.2 that I had for Wildfire. It supports Near Field Communications and built in VOIP calling functionality — which doesn’t interest me that much, as I don’t intend to use any of those. 3. It is a pure GOOGLE ANDROID phone, meaning you get the updates first than anyone. Frankly, I find this a great privilege. 4. The hardware (RAM, Processor) is no lesser than HTC Desire/IPhone. 5. It is a SAMSUNG product, which has delivered two successful ANDROID products recently – GALAXY,WAVE. 6. REAR & FRONT CAMERAs which lack in HTC products. 7. Always UNLOCKED – which means I don’t have serious worries in changing network I found one silly disadvantage of this phone over HTC – This phone doesn’t have LED notifications which I found very useful in HTC. Those notifications always notified me if I was out of <b>…</b>

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