Mobile VoIP In The Year 2014

2014 is said to be an action-packed year when it comes to VoIP. That said, what can we expect to see?

1. Wider subscriber base
While telecom carriers roll out quicker data networks in order to meet the needs of their clients, more and more people will discover that being on a mobile VoIP is cost-effective than paying for minutes using their calling plan. Smart phones are the versions of pocket computers instead of a calling instrument. So consumers must anticipate the same services on their phones that they are accustomed with on their desktops.

2. More competition
Google and Facebook have launched mobile apps that have VoIP features, and this implies that the competition will be more intense in the next year. More chat applications could incorporate VoIP features into their mobile versions so as to increase revenues. Albeit it would not help clients who were already confused by the almost endless services available, further competition will imply lessened prices as well as an expanded feature set.

3. WebRTC Growth
The leading browsers, Chrome and Firefox, are in support of WebRTC and continuously working for mobile device apps. Embedded audio and video features will give rise to new applications that have enhanced and modern features sans having to install special software or plug-ins. With this, you need not have another barrier to mainstream consumer usage.

4. Carrier backlash
Telecommunication companies deem mobile VoIP as a threat to their own revenues. They may start charging premium rates for apps that make use of mobile VoIP this year. But this plan will likely be an “epic fail” over the long haul since subscribers shed their reliance on the usual calling plans.

Such kind of competition will force VoIP providers to differentiate by giving of more features. You might see desktop and mobile VoIP apps borrowing features from one another so as to present a unified front to the subscriber. Mobile VoIP seems to changing the landscape of the telecom industry, whether we like it or not.

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