Is VoIP For You?

If you don’t know about a new technology called VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, you’re no fun! And wait… Have you been living under a rock? VoIP is just a technology that acts a replacement for your normal telephone. Rather than using your normal phone line, it makes use of your high-speed internet connection (DSL or cable).

Suffice it to say, you must an informed decision before taking any action. Here are the features and benefits of VoIP, and other things you should take into consideration.

First is money. VoIP costs less than regular telephone subscription rates. For the most part, VoIP services provide you with some or unlimited free international and long distance calls. However, know that if you don’t use the phone that much and mostly make local calls, it could actually be cheaper to stay with your regular phone service!

Special features are another thing to consider. Most of the time, VoIP offers neat features that normal phone services simply don’t have. Some of them have \conference calling, free caller-ID, on-hold background music, and free voicemail, among many others.

Does it work with PC and Mac? If you’re using your computer wanting to make a phone call, fret not. You can now make calls from the computer using special software that permits you to share documents, messages, and videos (video chatting) with those who have VoIP, as well.

Watch for additional bonuses, perks, and services. Don’t forget that each VoIP company and each VoIP plan differs from the others. Some companies give proprietary services and even some bonuses.

So, what do you think? Will VoIP work for you? If you think so and know that you can save you money, then go ahead and sign up. Usually, companies will provide a money-back guarantee. If you don’t dig it, you can cancel and ask for your money back.

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