Is it possible to build a wireless voip modem/router?

Question by crbon: Is it possible to build a wireless voip modem/router?
I was wondering instead of buying a wireless router/modem that supports voip can i build my own from eg. a mini itx board or something simmilar? If it is possible, will it be really expensive? Thanks in advance.

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Answer by moe fough
First, have you considered 3rd party software for your hardware router? check out dd-wrt or tomato (from Polar Cloud) if you haven’t. I know DD-WRT supports some type of VoIP and there might even be a VoIP distro.

If you have already looked at this option and want to turn a PC into a solution:

Modem- No. (very unlikely). Typically ISPs have to communicate with their own equipment to allow access. You might be able to mac address clone and get away with this but I really wouldn’t do that because you could get in trouble/banned from an ISP.

Router/WIFI/VoIP/Firewall/Server/Proxy/DNS/etc. – Absolutely.

Check out Trixbox (trixbox dot org), which is an Astrisk based PBX VoIP, router, firewall, etc solution. You can configure it to distribute local WiFi with a card you have installed in your PC; however, driver support is sketchy when it comes to anything that isn’t Linksys/D-Link/Netgear (namebrand) so if you have a very generic card, make sure it’s compatible first.

Also, check out M0n0Wall or really- just google Linux or BSD router solutions and you’ll get a lot of results an options.

In any case, you don’t need to be a pro to get these to work, but you should at least be a little familiar with Linux/BSD command line stuff.

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