Integration Of VoIP With Cellphones

Cell phones and VoIP are two main technologies utilized in communication. They enable people to connect from any location at any time.

A lot of people are familiar with cellphones, and it is part of daily life. On the other hand, VoIP is a technology enables consumers to make and receive phone calls with the use of the Internet. Aside from the regular phone and an Internet connection, all you need is a VoIP router to make and receive calls.

You basically don’t need a computer just to utilize VoIP for phone call. In order for you to get better voice quality, you need to have a high-speed Internet connection like Cable Modem or DSL

The integration of cell phones with VoIP will yield more convenience and make consumers spend less. There are basically to ways in making cellphones work with VoIP.

First, cellphone service providers have made it possible for your current units to access their wireless Internet connection or hotspots. This feature enables consumers to make VoIP calls with their cell phones without the need of a broadband network. It is a major advantage to the regular VoIP that needs a broadband Internet connection.

Second, VoIP providers have manufactured wireless Internet phones that can function with the help of their current wireless Internet access point worldwide, rather than having to connect to broadband Internet connection.

The difference is the cost of utilizing cellphones with VoIP. If VoIP is utilized from a mobile phone service provider, you would not to purchase a new Internet phone to make use of the VoIP. However you will need to shell out extra money for every minute you use. In using mobile phone with the help of a VoIP service, you need not purchase an Internet phone. Plus, you wouldn’t need to pay extra regardless how many minutes you use in a month.

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