How VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Works

We have all heard of VOIP and most people understand that it is a way of making phone calls with the use of the Internet. The term VOIP stands for voice over Internet protocol and it is through the Internet that many people have found a way to make phone calls in a very economical and in some cases free fashion.

There have been companies that sell the software and service to their members for some time such as Vonage. With this new technology there is a revolution underway in the way in which people communicate by telephone.

Currently there are three different ways that VOIP is being used by people all over the world. The first type of communication method is an analog telephone adapter. This method allows you to connect your regular phone to your computer and use your Internet connection to place phone calls. Vonage is one provider of this type of method. They will send you the adapter that you will connect to your computer and you will be ready to place phone calls immediately. Of course, you will need their software to convert the analog signal to digital for your phone.

The next method that is used is through IP phones. These are phones that resemble your standard telephone in your home. The difference between these phones and your regular phone is that the connection that is used will plug into your router and use an ethernet connection to place the phone calls. There are even wi-fi versions of this phone that will allow you to make phone calls from a wi-fi hot spot.

If you are looking for the simplest way to use VOIP, you should try a computer to computer method. This makes use of cheap equipment and your computer to make your phone calls. All you will need is the right software, a speaker, microphone and sound card on your computer. This is certainly the most inexpensive way to make VOIP calls.

The use of VOIP to place your phone calls no matter which method you choose will use relatively cheap equipment and allow you to avoid the charges that the phone company typically charges you.

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