How VoIP Can Be Your Best Friend

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP, is a type of hardware and software that allows the Internet to be utilized as a means of transmission for phone calls. VoIP is made use of to send voice data in packets rather than the normal POTS circuits. The main upside to VoIP is the non attraction of surcharges on phone calls over the net beyond what the caller will pay for internet access, like nobody pays for sending e-mails online.

Given that VoIP is practically used for internet telephone calls, it is also dubbed as “Voice over IP “. The two features it boasts of are cost and ease of use, traditional phone services are more expensive and are not as quick as VoIP.

The advantages of VoIP include making phone calls at reduced rate. Different service operators charge just about anything for their packages. That is why there are long distance calls that are free on some networks, while some will charge but you get the same service.

You can take advantage of many features for free with VoIP services; while others provide them for a fee. Free VoIP features are voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Call Waiting, and Call Transfer, among many others. For commercial purposes, you can also avail of free features such as email and web utilities.

VoIP lets you choose your own phone number and area codes. Long story short, you can maintain your current number by transferring it into a new VoIP.

Hit me with a comment below how VoIP changed your world. It could be in a good or bad way. Just so you know, it rocked my world to its core! Since I love touching base with my loved ones abroad, VoIP has always been my best friend ever since we met.

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