How to use computer as phone?

Dsi Cartuchos Asked: How to use computer as phone?

I have a computer, and about fifteen inches from it, there is a phone jack in the wall with a phone already connected to it. I want to disconnect the phone and connect the land-line cable to my computer and use it as a phone. Optimally, I would also like to take the phone and connect that to my computer simultaneously so I can answer a call using either the computer or the phone. once again, no VOIP!

I have a PCI modem card that I can install and use. I just want to know what kind of software I need to have.


John Blown Answered:
You can use PC as a headset for your mobile phone via Bluetooth, and you can use your cell phone to control your computer as well.
Corvato Answered:
your computer’s modem has to have voice functionality
MOST don’t. 

if it does, windows and the software with the modem will let it work for you.

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