How to receive incoming calls?

hmanton Asked: How to receive incoming calls?

I recently switched to VoIPo, a VoIP home phone service and I am having trouble receiving incoming calls. When I call my home phone number through my cell phone, my cell phone will ring and ring but the home phone will not do anything, no ringing and when I pick up the home phone, a dial tone comes on as it is not receiving the call at all. Help please!


joe r Answered:
did you recently port your phone number? it can take several days to several weeks for your number to be completely ported over..

during the porting process your outgoing caller ID on your new phone line will show your number, but your incoming calls would still be going to your old carrier, in which case you would need to get the temporary number from your current provider to forward your phone service from your old (current) provider to..

Jeff Answered:
That’s pretty typical, a timing issue with getting the new VOIPO service and when your previous land-line carrier releases the phone number.  Another way to test is if someone who already has VOIPO calls your number, odds are your VoIP home service line will ring because the call is completely internally routed properly.

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