How reliable is the 911 service on VOIP phones?

Question by bathroomhog1990: How reliable is the 911 service on VOIP phones?
I have recently got rid of my Embarq phone service at home and have switched to ITP VOIP which is cheaper and better. However, I have read a lot about how 911 service doesn’t always work well with VOIP. Can anybody with a VOIP phone service (eg. Vonage/ITP/Lingo/etc.) who has attempted to call 911 on it before tell me if it actually worked or not?

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Answer by Nunya B
Well, I’ve never called 911 from any phone, but I can tell you this much – VoIP providers do not provide E911 service. That means that if you do call 911 the operator will not see your address on their screen. If you are unable for some reason to speak they won’t know where you are.

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