How does VoIP connect to landline phone?

Question by gorge h: How does VoIP connect to landline phone?
I know VoIP goes over the internet, but how does it connect to a conventional home phone, or to cell phones? I meant to say: how does it connect at the other end if it goes to a conventional phone? How does it get from the internet to a landline at the answering end?

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Answer by ddominic
With any VOIP service, you connect a small device unit that you get from the VOIP. You will connect this small device to your router by a Ethernet cable. Then on the device unit there is a small phone jack on the unit. From there you connect a regular telephone line to your a phone (home phone). You won’t use any connection from any telephone wall jacks.

So when you get a call to your VoIP phone number, your home phone will ring and you can answer using that phone.

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