Hosted PBX VOIP- Efficient Business Phone System

The Hosted PBX VOIP is a smart business phone system that takes care of your business communication in the best possible way. In a world where IT budgets are limited and business enterprises are fighting to gain a cutting edge over their competitors, the Hosted PBX Systems have come as a breath of relief that takes small and growing business communication to the next level.

When you run a small business and your hands are tied with a dearth of resources and finances, every penny counts. If you want to make your business a success, you need to find ways to invest money smartly and reduce overhead expenses. A simple solution is to go for a Hosted PBX VOIP System that will do wonders for your business communication and will save you a hefty sum. A reliable Hosted PBX Provider offers you uninterrupted service with a range of business class features at economical prices.

Sound Professional- A small business PBX projects your business enterprise as a fortune 5000 corporate. Whenever your callers dial your number they will be greeted with a professional recording saying “Welcome to XYZ. For sales press1, for support press2”; and so on. A professionally recorded greeting and a series of simple menu to guide the callers to their appropriate customers will help you sound professional like a big enterprise having multiple departments. You don’t need to have a huge staff to answer your calls. You callers will never know the person who is answering the sales or support call is one and the same.

In addition to professionally sounding greetings, you can please you callers by playing a soothing melody while their calls may be put on hold. Sometimes, you may just need to run downstairs to grab an important file to meet your caller’s query. So, while you rush to get that important piece of paper the customizable music on hold saves your day by keeping your caller engaged with a pre-recorded announcement telling about your promotional plan or offers that might interest him or just play a song of your choice. Many Hosted PBX VOIP Service Providers offer a wide range of customizable music on hold which includes jazz, symphony, rock, pop, classical and much more to chose from.

Intelligent Call Routing- The Hosted PBX Systems have intelligent call routing mechanisms by availing features like enhanced ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response). An incoming call is segregated on the basis of extension dialed and the responses received from the caller and finally directed to their concerned department.

In case the call can not be picked by one person who might be busy catering to some other client, the call can be answered by the next employee who is available. The call hunt groups allow users to create specific ringing groups which will contain certain numbers that can ring all at the same time or in a determined sequence so that the caller is treated by a live attendant and there are no busy signals. The calls can be routed to call phone numbers and landlines eliminating the faintest possibility of having a missed call.

Sophisticated Call Handling Features- The world of sophisticated call answering features offered by the Hosted PBX VOIP Systems makes the business communication process highly efficient. The Hosted PBX Systems present advanced digital calling features such as Voicemail, Fax, Unified Communication, Call Hunt, Call Park, Conference Calling, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb, Direct Inward Dialing, Virtual Extensions, Auto Attendant, Music on Hold, Call Screening and Announce and Dial by name and extension.

The employees are presented with the caller information including his name, phone number and previous call records to handle the call efficiently and achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Features like Automatic Screen Pop Ups and Caller ID help in identifying important business calls from the less important ones so that you grab the next available business opportunity easily.

The features like Voicemail transcription and fax mail make it possible for users who need remote accessibility to view their faxes and voicemail messages in real time online. The user does not have to stick next to his fax machine and voicemail box to answer his clients. Responses can be mailed or faxed in real time through an online access to the control panel to view the messages as text files and respond accordingly. The data can also be printed or forwarded to the concerned employee as required.

To sum up it can be said that the Hosted PBX VOIP Systems offer a whole new world of business communication that is filled with attractive features that earlier small business enterprises could only dream of. The Hosted PBX Systems are cost effective and highly efficient making them the smart business phone systems of today.

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