Hide IP address for Nokia E72?

SOHAIL Asked: Hide IP address for Nokia E72?

Can wesee ip address of mobile and how to hide (Change ) our original ip.
i have Nokia E72 . i need IP changer software for my mobile. ………

why i need this software because inour country (Oman) (Gulf country ) all voip are block like google talk voice chat, yahoo voice chat and so many other is block due to solutionof this problem i think that only the way to change our IP then i think we can use this voip or voice chats.

pls tell me any software for this purpose .

thanks to read my problem …


Auntie Mame Answered:
Changing / hiding your IP will not help as all the IPs that you can possibly use are within your country and they all go through the same checkpoint that blocks what you want.

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