Getting Acquainted with the IP Telephony Platform

One of the greatest achievements of mankind has been the ability to take things forward from the earlier threshold. This aspect helps to increase the penetration of specific technologies in their fields but the most fascinating aspect is when one technology penetrates into some other technological field to add a different level of versatility. Gone are the days when a device was used for a single (or related) feature, now there are devices which provide multi-technology features.

The best of crossover technology is: you have computers which suffice call making requirements and phone which suffice internet requirements. One such leading crossover technology is the concept of VoIP or voice over IP (internet protocol). VoIP is a collage of transmission based technologies used for the delivery of voice communication systems over IP (internet protocol) based networks. Internet is one of the IP networks.

This technology with slight variations gets a series of nomenclature as follows:

• IP telephony platform • Internet telephony • Voice over broadband (VOBB) • Broadband telephony • Broadband phone

It has also been called net telephony PC to phone calls at times. This internet technology is all about communication services and there is a misconception that ‘it only deals with voice aspects (PC to phone calls) like it substitutes the good old conventional communication systems , but communication services also deal with fax, SMS and other voice based messaging applications. The VoIP services’ segment has completely revolutionized the communication sector.

The significance of VoIP services can be seen from the fact that the Skype application was bought by Microsoft Corporation at US $ 8.5 billion. The IP based communication dwells over a vast canvas which ranges from the popular Mobile VoIP to Soft-Switch & Billing solutions. Other services include PC2Phone dialers, VoIP billing platforms, tunneling software, soft phone applications etc.

There are so many telecommunication and software solution providers who offer a wide range of services in the IP based communication field, that choosing best-in-class VoIP solutions can be tricky. Some aspects to choose the best of services by the best of VoIP solutions’ providers are mentioned as follows:

• Going with the service providers who offer the highest security features is one of the most important factors while choosing.

Like other fields, the best IP telephony platform providers are those which offer the best of solutions (even if it’s the tricky Soft-Switch & Billing solutions) in the most convenient ways, handling, maintenance and usage wise.

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