Get To Know VoIP Better

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP has probably become a word of mouth nowadays. That is not a big surprise since this new innovation is already creating a buzz in the world of computer technology. The purpose of VoIP is to allow communication to happen within computers from several different places. However, because of continues development, the latest VoIP was immediately upgraded into a means of communication that does not only use computers but as well as telephones where you can use to make calls through the internet.

In VoIP, the sample of your voice is taken and is converted into digital data. The analog sound signal is separated into individual parts that corresponds to certain number values. After doing so, the voice can now be compressed. The compressed data is furthermore being split into packets that are allowed to travel via the internet. Being in the form of packets, they are transmitted separately but once it arrived at their destination, the data are regrouped as an analog then poof, your voice is now heard.

Going back to where it all started, computer enthusiasts in Israel made the very first connection among computers in the year 1995. Within that year, Internet Phone Software was developed which required microphone, speakers, sound card and a modem in order to create calls. This software is digital in type that compresses audio signals first that is then sent over the internet. In 1998, more gates were opened for developments and made ways for telephones and personal computers to connect. In that same year, phone to phone connections were established using the internet. The calls were made possible using a PC, but once the connection is placed, the callers can use the ordinary telephone set.

Fast forward to now, a range of VoIP services are already out for everyone to use may be for personal purposes or commercial places. It also provided options to choose from since one can opt to continue using computer to computer connections, computer to phone or phone to phone.

The caller uses the typical telephone and is received by another telephone that is connected to the internet via the LAN or Local Area Network. Because of this success, VoIP is already taking the place of the usual telephone networks since the users find it more up to date and helpful.

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