Get Closer to Your Clients Online Using VoIP

When you visit a website, you usually see a Contact Us button. When you click this, you are most likely to be taken to an online channel that asks for your email and contact details. Sometimes, you can have a real-time chat with a representative.

No doubt about it, actual telephonic conversations are better once the call is already established. In the conventional phone world, the hardest part is getting a client to be interested to begin with. It’s so rare for someone to pick up the phone and inquire about the service on their own.

Furthermore, people send e-mail queries to companies all the time. They could be interested one minute, and frustrated the next since waiting can be a pain.  What you want to do is leverage that initial interest and touch base with them right then and there!

With the use of a few simple VoIP tools, using this functionality can be easy. All you need to do is place a little bit of JavaScript code on your page. This will provide the users with a dialog box where they can enter their telephone number. It depends on the configuration of your service, but such call will be routed to a particular person, a group, or even a whole department and you can right then and there pick up on that interest and turn it into a concrete lead immediately.

Chat systems are perfect for interactivity, however they can be impersonal in a sense and you don’t know who exactly the person is on the other end. A phone service could be more tangible and can turn an online visitor into a solid lead without any technological hurdles.

Such close interactivity between disparate mediums can be done with a tool such as VoIP that straddles the two seamlessly. With its myriads of features and flexibility, it can convert itself to any organization’s style of functioning. Get in touch with a service provider to learn how you can start today.

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