Does anyone have a VOIP phone that actually works?

Phil Asked: Does anyone have a VOIP phone that actually works?

I've talked to people who were using VOIP and the sound quality would vary from normal (as good as a land line) to what I call "ham radio operator quality" during a given call.I also have a friend who got VOIP from his cable company and he lost connectivity enough that he ended up getting a cell phone as a back-up.Who out there has found a VOIP service that works as reliably and with sound quality as good as land line?Anybody?


ABDN Answered:
I had it about to weeks ago. Absolutely no lie, I was saying "Can you hear me now?"

Palladini Answered:
We have a VOIP phone, every morning our phones are saying no line, a couple times of day this will happen also.Sound quality is very good, have only had one person the delay is hard to take.We have had for about 10 days now and if this keeps up, I am calling my provider and asking a few questions.This VOIP box is between my router and ISP access point.We are on a wireless high speed line here.

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