Can you give me details about VoIP?

Question by Karthikeyan K: Can you give me details about VoIP?

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Answer by jamesbond007johnrambo
Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is rapidly revolutionizing the world of enterprise communications. It combines voice and data networks to deliver information far more efficiently than the traditional approach. Placing voice calls over a data network will require a business to take steps, including equipment upgrades, to support time sensitive applications (i.e., voice).

Voice over Internet Protocol Benefits:
Ability to manage your own phone system – changes to extensions, voicemail greetings, auto attendant features, call forwarding options can all be done in real time from a web based portal.

Access to more features and applications – with VoIP you have access to all call detail record in real time. If you want to forward certain calls to another number or block certain numbers from calling you, you can do this.

Reliability – VoIP networks are becoming as reliable as the public switched telephone network. With Voice over Internet Protocol, you will never miss a call if the network goes down all calls will be captured by auto attendant or rerouted to a another phone number that you choose.

Improved performance – the quality of Voice over IP is superior to the switched telephone network. Some times the quality is so good that you can’t hear any traditional hiss associated with an analog phone connection.

Cost savings – the potential for eliminating long distance costs and local phone call costs is huge.

Unified messaging (accessing voice, fax and e-mail from one device) – allows for more efficient distribution of messages.

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